IFS achieves ISCC Plus certification

ISCC is the world's leading certification system that aims to ensure compliance with the highest requirements for environmental sustainability and social RESPONSIBILITY. Its ISCC Plus certification allows for improved traceability of raw materials and greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain. Innovative Film Solutions recently obtained this certification, becoming one of the first companies in Europe to be able to offer its entire range of products with raw materials from SUSTAINABLE ORIGINS.

IFS's vision is to transform 100% of traditional packaging into recyclable packaging, y biodegradable AND SUSTAINABLY SOURCEDIFS is committed to technological innovation in applications in order to move towards a real circular economy. With this certification, IFS takes another step in this direction. 

The international standard guarantees that the material used is actually of SUSTAINABLE origin , BY post-consumer CHEMICAL recycling OR OF RENEWABLE ORIGIN. This provides several benefits. On the one hand, it reduces the need to extract new raw material OF FOSSIL ORIGIN for the production of plastics. On the other hand, the economic value given to plastic waste thanks to its reuse, encourages its collection and recycling, reducing the waste discarded in the environment in an uncontrolled manner. This results in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the production process. It is estimated that, for every kilo of polypropylene of renewable origin, up to 2 kilos of Co2 can be eliminated into the atmosphere.    

IFS plays a responsible role in the supply chain and meets the needs of its customers by encouraging the use of more sustainable products and offering alternatives that not only meet the highest safety and quality standards, but also meet consumer demand for more environmentally friendly products.  

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