IFS joins The Plastic Museum initiative

At Innovative Film Solutions we are committed to the circular economy and we work in the innovation of sustainable and recyclable plastics. For this reason, we have joined hand in hand with EsPlásticos to the initiative The Plastic Museum. A museum made 100% of plastic, born with the sole purpose of being recycled and reused.

On Saturday, May 8, the museum opened its doors to the public, but on May 17, World Recycling Day, it will be dismantled and the entire museum, including walls and doors, will be used to transform it into new products.

Plastic Museum The plastic Museum

The objective of this museum is to invite citizens to reflect on plastics, those materials that offer society so much in terms of health or technology, and for which there is a recycling solution to combat the problem of marine debris.

The museum will not only contain plastic, it will be built with it.

They seek to raise awareness in society about how to use these materials when they are used correctly and to show visually that the problem arises when waste is not managed properly or is used irresponsibly.

They focus on the importance of the use of plastic and its contribution to environmental protection through all its phases: eco-design, use, reuse and recycling.

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